Domestic Violence Lawyer Miami Lakes

One of our law firm’s various practice areas is representing individuals who are involved in a domestic violence situation. As a family law attorney, we understand the impact domestic violence may have in related practice areas such as divorce, child support, custody, and other family law matters. Florida family law courts often combine these issues to ensure that one judge is making the decisions for all family law cases related to your family. That is why it is important to choose a lawyer who has years of experience in not only domestic violence but in all other areas of family law, including Department of Children and Families (DCF) cases. We help our clients navigate through all their domestic relations cases.

Practice Locations: Miami, Broward, the Keys

While our office is located in Miami Lakes, Fl, we represent clients in domestic violence matters throughout all of South Florida, including Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and northern Monroe County. Having our office located in Miami Lakes is advantageous because we are located at the border between Broward and Miami, making us accessible to many of South Floridians who are dealing with issues that are crossing county lines. We can help you navigate where to appropriately file your domestic violence action.

Representing Victims

Domestic violence should not be tolerated. It not only affects you, but also the people you love such as your children, parents, and friends. Combating domestic violence has been a primary focus of attorney Annette Sanchez’s legal career since she started law school in 2008. She has proven to be strong and successful advocate for victims, providing compassion to her clients while zealously fighting for their protection. If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is crucial to have an attorney provide you with the necessary legal advice to ensure you protect yourself from future harm. These are difficult and emotional times and going to court alone may jeopardize your case. Hiring a lawyer will help you in many ways.

First, the lawyer acts as a buffer between you and the abuser. During the hearing, you will have to present evidence, ask questions of the abuser, and be subjected to questions by the abuser. This can be nerve wrecking for most victims because you must confront and be confronted by the person of whom you are most afraid. In hiring the attorney, the attorney will be speaking with the abuser or their lawyer, asking the questions, presenting the evidence, and objecting to questions directed at you that are simply for purposes of intimidation or harassment. In this way, your lawyer can protect you and give you confidence to confront your abuser.

Second, the attorney knows what is legally required to prove a domestic violence case and what evidence is needed. There are many forms of domestic violence: physical abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and harassment, just to name a few. Each form of abuse requires the victim to prove certain elements. It can be a very technical process. An experienced attorney will help evaluate whether the facts of your case rise to the level of domestic violence and what evidence and witnesses are necessary to prove your case. Only an experience trial attorney can determine whether the court will find the evidence you have admissible. For example, if the evidence or witnesses you intend to present are based on “hearsay”, then it will not be admissible. If the evidence is not legally admissible, an attorney can find other ways to get the same information in the form of admissible evidence. You should not have to continue to live in fear of being harmed because you did not understand the rules of the courtroom. This is the job of your lawyer and attorney Annette Sanchez has the experience to ensure you are presenting the strongest case to the judge.

Defense of the Accused

While domestic violence is not to be tolerated, there are individuals who use the court system to harass, intimidate or gain advantages in divorces, child custody, or other family law related cases leading to false accusations of domestic violence. There are also cases that, although unpleasant, just do not rise to the level of domestic violence. Having a domestic violence case filed against you can have tremendous repercussions in other areas of your life such as employment and custody of your children. As such, if you have been accused of committing physical violence, sexual abuse, stalking, harassment or any other category of domestic violence, you need to seek the advice of an attorney immediately. An experienced lawyer will explain whether the facts presented rise to the level of domestic violence and how to effectively defend against the accusations. Attorney Annette Sanchez has been very successful in defending against false allegations of domestic violence. Her success has been largely based on a thorough knowledge of the law and effective trial strategies and tactics. As with victims, the attorney will act as a buffer, ensuring you do not have any contact with the victim and protecting you from any intimidation and harassment techniques. Further, the attorney will know what evidence is needed to persuade the court of your innocence.

Do not allow a false allegation to go unchallenged. Not knowing the law and the evidence that can be effectively presented can leave you and your case at a great disadvantage. Losing against a domestic violence claim can have long term and severe consequences, including losing your job and time-sharing with your children. Let attorney Annette Sanchez help you defeat these accusations of domestic violence and secure a dismissal of the restraining order/injunction.

Child Custody in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases often involve other legal family issues including custody of your children and child support. Florida family law no longer uses the term “custody”. Instead, Florida courts are to determine each parent’s level of “parental responsibility” and each parent’s “time-sharing”. In simple terms, the court determines who gets to make decisions regarding the children and how much time do the children get to spend with each parent. If there is not a divorce or paternity case already filed, the domestic violence judges may make decisions on these issues base on the best interest of the children. This is why it is important to select an attorney who has significant experience in other areas of family law. Attorney Annette Sanchez practices all areas of family law and will be able to provide you with the necessary legal representation to combat an unfair ruling on the issues of parental responsibility and time-sharing.

Violation of a Restraining Order/Injunction

A civil retraining order or injunction is a civil legal document that can have criminal implications if not followed correctly. Violating the injunction/restraining order can be prosecuted both civilly and criminally. Whether you are a victim or an accused, attorney Annette Sanchez has significant experience with handling the aftermath of such a violation. Such services include, but are not limited to, filing the appropriate documents in civil court, continue to represent you in the civil hearings regarding the alleged violation, and accompanying victim clients in meetings with the State Attorney’s office in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

If you are unsure what does or does not entail a violation of the restraining order/injunction, do not live with the uncertainty. We are here to provide legal guidance and give you peace of mind.

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