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One of Annette Sanchez Law’s primary practice areas is “child custody” unrelated to a divorce. Issues regarding children are paramount in family law. Whether you are an unmarried father or mother seeking to establish “custody” of your child or a concerned adult family member of a child who is being mistreated by their parents, Attorney Annette Sanchez has the years of experience as a family law attorney needed to successfully advocate your case. Our office, located in Miami Lakes, Fl, is perfectly situated to serve children and families in South Florida, including Miami, Broward, and the Keys.

Parents Seeking Custody of Their Child

Florida no longer uses the term “child custody”. The law instead establishes “time-sharing” and “parental responsibility”. Time-sharing refers to how much time does each parent get to spend with the child and parental responsibility refers to which parents makes certain decisions. Florida law requires a parenting plan that outlines these two elements and requires the court to evaluate whether the parenting plan is in the best interest of the child.

Parental responsibility can take three forms: shared parental responsibility, shared parental responsibility with ultimate decision making authority, or sole parental responsibility. If you believe the other parent of your child is incapable of making decisions regarding your child responsibly and safely, you need the assistance of a family law attorney such as Annette Sanchez to develop case that will prove to the court that shared parental responsibility (where both parents are to make major decisions about the child jointly) is detrimental to the well-being of the child. attorney Annette Sanchez has over ten years of experience as a child advocate having significant success in protecting children from parents who cannot safely make decisions regarding their child. Conversely, attorney Annette Sanchez also has significant success defeating claims for sole parental responsibility that were made solely in an effort to alienate a client from their child.

How parents are going to divide their time-sharing is very often the most contentious point of every family law matter. There are many reasons for this contention, including distance between the parents houses, consistency with the children’s school schedule, the parent’s work schedule, etc. But a big reason, and the one that usually causes a costly litigation between parents, is child support. The more time-sharing a parent has with their child, the less they have to pay in child support. It is important to have a family law lawyer who can detect when the opposing parent is solely money driven or if they truly believe that the time-sharing schedule they are proposing is in the best interest of the child.

Grandparents and Family Members Seeking Custody

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