Thinking About Adopting? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Moving Forward

Adoption is a beautiful gift, not only to the child who is receiving a forever home, but to the people who are adding a special person to their family. But adoption is a commitment that requires thorough analysis and soul searching. Each family will require their own unique set of considerations, but here are four important questions to ask yourself before beginning the adoption process:


  • Why are you considering adopting? There are many reasons to adopt. You may be a family member of a child in need, a young couple having difficulty conceiving a child, or parents with children who wish to give a child an opportunity to have a family.  Whatever your reason, a detailed analysis as to why you wish to adopt a child is the first step in moving forward in the adoption process. While adopting a child is beautiful, it is not for everyone and there reasons that may take additional soul searching as to whether this is the right path for you. Remember, your decision impacts another human being.



  • Am I financially stable enough to adopt? It’s common knowledge that children are expensive. A few examples of the necessary expenses are food, clothes, shelter, educational expenses, and health insurance. But attempting to adopt a child comes with it’s own unique financial hurdles. For example, adoption agencies will often require evidence of financial stability to allow prospective parent(s) to adopt. Additionally, the adoption application and process is costly, an additional expense that may or may not be considered in your budget.



  • How will you (or your family) feel about not being related? If you are not adopting within your family, there is the added consideration that you will be adding someone who is not biologically related to you. This means that there might be more questions surrounding their medical history, or you might encounter challenges with not being the same ethnicity as your child. And while you may be completely prepared to embrace the child as your own, if you have other children, you should consider how this will impact them. Make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared for anything that might come up. The purpose of adopting is to provide a child with a forever family. Hopefully, you can provide an environment where the child feels part of the pack.



  • Are you ready to be a parent (again)? Everyone who is anticipating adding a child into their lives should ask themselves this question, whether they are adopting or having a child naturally. Children don’t come with instruction manuals, and the task of raising a child brings both immense rewards and heartbreaking difficulties. Make sure you truly know what becoming a parent will mean now and in the future. And if you are adopting after having children of your own or adopting a family member, please consider whether bringing on another child at this point of your life is feasible. Remember, adopted children may bring very different challenges from your natural children.
    Are you ready to start over?


Whether you have questions about the adoption process in general or are ready to start the adoption process, Annette Sanchez Law is here to help. We can assist you with everything related to adoption and can help to uncover and meet your needs.

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