A Brave New World: How to Adapt to Your “New Reality” After Divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most traumatic events that a person will ever experience. Once the divorce is finalized, many people expect to find a sense of relief, but often just feel sad or lost. This may be because they aren’t really sure how to adapt to the ‘new reality’ of life after divorce. The following are five effective things you can do to adjust to this new normal as quickly as possible, and begin a great new phase in your life.

Evaluate Your Friends & Family

As sad and painful as this may be, almost everyone will lose some friends and family after a divorce. You may have been close with some of your in-laws, for example, but the relationshps are not likely to continue. In addition, it is a difficult reality that the friends you had as a married couple will typically be ‘split up’ in the divorce, and you may lose some of them. Understanding this, and surrounding yourself with loved ones who will still be there for you is very important.

Meet New Friends

On a positive note, you will likely have some extra free time available after the divorce, which is perfect for meeting new friends. Consider joining a singles group, a post-divorce support group, sporting clubs, or other things so you can make some great new friends who will be there with you as you move forward.

Consider Therapy

Just about everyone has a lot of emotions that they need to work through after a divorce, and trying to simply suppress them will only delay your moving on. A professional therapist will be able to help guide you through your emotions, so you can emerge stronger and mentally healthier than would otherwise be possible. Therapy can also help you to adjust much more quickly than trying to handle it on your own.

What do YOU Enjoy as a Single Person

When married, you will typically do a lot of things that you enjoy doing as a couple. This is normal and healthy, but is obviously not possible after the divorce. Take some time to try new things, and see what YOU enjoy as a single person. Since you don’t have to worry about finding ‘couple activities’ there is almost no limit to the things you can try.

Don’t Ignore Your Finances

The months immediately following a divorce can be incredibly difficult financially. This is because you will likely have quite a few changes to your expenses, and possibly your income, that you need to adapt to. It can be tempting to just put things on credit cards to deal with later, but that will end up causing a lot of trouble. Take your finances seriously so you can remain in a stronger financial position today, and in the future.

There is no escaping the fact that life after a divorce is going to require a lot of adjustments, but if you handle it properly, it can be a very positive experience. Focus on yourself and your children today, and you’ll have a very bright future ahead of you. If you are facing a divorce in Florida or other family law matter, contact our legal team at 305-796-2273. Our compassionate team is proud of how many clients we’ve helped get through their divorce.

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