5 Ways to Help Your Adopted Child Adjust to Your Family

Adopting a child is one of the most exciting events that you could ever experience. Once you’ve gone through all the legal steps necessary, and the time is coming where you will be bringing your new child home, it is important to ensure everything is handled properly. This is going to be a huge adjustment for your new child, especially if they are a little older. Finding ways to help your adopted child adjust to their new family is very important. The following are proven strategies that can help you get everything started off on the right foot.

Attempt to Make Things Seem Familiar

If you’re adopting a child that is a year or older, you will want to do what you can to make their new environment resemble things that they are used to. While this isn’t always possible, it is a good idea to talk to their birth parents or other caregivers to identify things that they liked. This could be specific pictures on the walls, blankets, music, or just about anything else. The more familiar and welcoming their environment can be, the easier it will be for them to settle in with their new family.

Delay Any Major Parties or Events

It is certainly tempting to invite all your friends and family over right away to meet your new child. The fact is, however, that this can be very overwhelming. As much as everyone will want to meet the new member of the family, make sure you put off any significant “welcoming” parties for at least a few months. Instead, make a schedule with your closest relatives and friends so that they can meet your new child individually or in small groups. This will be much less frightening, and let them adjust more easily.

Be Patient with Your Child

Every child is different, but they will all need some time to adjust to their new living situation. In almost all cases, there is going to be a period of trial and error while they get used to the new environment and new rules. Be patient with your child, and make sure they have a clear understanding of how things are done in their new home. When issues arise, be patient and understanding with them so they always feel loved in their new home.

Give Them Lots of Face Time

To the greatest extent possible, take some time off of work and other obligations so you can really be there for your new son or daughter. Spending lots of time talking with them, playing with them, or engaging in other activities will help them to get used to their new living conditions. If you have other children, help them to interact as much as possible as well. Remember, this is a major transition for everyone, so putting the necessary time into it will help things to go more smoothly. If you are thinking about adoption, please contact Annette Sanchez Law to schedule a consultation today.

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